§ 10.188.120   Sign approval.
   (A)   Applications. Applications for sign approval shall be made upon forms provided by the Planning and Building Department. In addition to that information supplied on the sign application form supplemental information shall be required as deemed necessary by the Director including engineered footing and foundation details for freestanding signs.
   (B)   Review of sign applications. Permission for installation of a sign shall be issued only after review by the Director, who shall approve, disapprove or conditionally-approve the sign application on the basis that it conforms to the purpose and the standards of this chapter.
   (C)   Appeals. Appeals to this chapter shall be treated as a variance, consistent with Chapter 10.128, except as set forth in § 10.188.210 of this chapter.
(1995 Code, § 10.188.120) (Ord. 00-1854, passed - -2000)