§ 10.188.060 Standards for miscellaneous signs.
   (A)   For the purpose of this section, the following definitions shall apply unless the context clearly indicates or requires a different meaning.
   CONSTRUCTION PROJECT SIGN. A sign erected in conjunction with a construction project for the purpose of publishing the future occupants of a building, the architect, engineer, contractor or other information pertaining to the project. Construction project signs shall not exceed 32 square feet in area, or eight feet in overall height, unless legally required by governmental contract to be larger. A construction project sign shall not require a sign permit and may exist no longer than the period of construction.
   (B)   One “For Sale”, “For Rent” or similar sign shall be permitted (without sign permit) per street face, not to exceed six square feet in area; in commercial or industrial zones, the sign shall not exceed 32 square feet.
   (C)   SUBDIVISION SIGN. A sign erected to identify a subdivision, the person or firm offering real estate for sale in an approved subdivision, and other information pertinent to the subdivision. Subdivision signs shall not require a sign permit and may be permitted up to 1 year in duration or until the completion of the phase of construction of the subdivision, whichever is less.
   (D)   A bulletin board shall be subject to the provisions of § 10.188.050, except that when a bulletin board is intended to display public information of city-wide or community interest, the Planning Commission shall have the authority to permit or conditionally approve a bulletin board which is not subject to the standards as set forth in § 10.188.050. A bulletin board sign shall be subject to securing a sign permit in each case.
   (E)   Notwithstanding limitations imposed in §§ 10.188.010 and 10.188.050 of this chapter, commercial advertising not directly related to the establishment, project activity, place, person, organization or enterprise doing business on the property where the sign is to be located, may be permitted on a bulletin board under a conditional use permit on freeway signs, provided all the following conditions are satisfied:
      (1)   The sign is located on property owned or controlled by a public entity or a non-profit organization;
      (2)   The primary purpose of the sign is to advertise the activities of the public entity or non-profit organization; and
      (3)   The public entity or non-profit organization uses the sign to actively promote community activities and tourism within Tulare County.
   (F)   A balloon or blimp, not to exceed 20 feet in length and five feet in width or diameter may be utilized by a business not to exceed 15 days per quarter with a minimum 30-day break in between. The balloon or blimp must be connected to a cord or cable so that it does not exceed 100 feet from the ground to the top of the balloon/blimp. A permit shall be obtained from the Planning and Building Department prior to the use of any balloon/blimp. The applicant for use of a balloon/blimp shall assume all liability associated with its use. The requirement for a permit shall not apply to special public events such as the Farm Show and County Fair.
   (G)   For mobile home parks, no more than one sign shall be erected at any entrance to a park. Signs shall not exceed 50 square feet for all readable surfaces, nor exceed eight feet in height. The sign shall be reviewed by the Planning Commission as part of a Condition Use Permit for development of the mobile home park.
(1995 Code, § 10.188.060) (Ord. 00-1854, passed - -2000)