§ 10.188.040   General requirements.
   The general requirements and limitations are as follows.
   (A)   Construction materials. All permanent signs shall be constructed of wood, metal, plastic, glass or like material (except a wall sign painted upon the building) as approved by the Planning and Building Director.
   (B)   Area of signs.
      (1)   A “Double-Face Sign” with parallel planes, back-to-back, not more than 24 inches apart, shall count as a single sign and only one side shall be counted for the total area.
      (2)   In cases of multi-face signs other than double-face signs the outer dimensions of all the faces capable of presenting a sign shall be combined. The sign area shall be the total area of all the faces.
      (3)   In the event a sign falls under more than one sign definition, the more restrictive sign regulations found in this chapter shall apply.
      (4)   Sign face changes which do not structurally alter the sign (including sign area and configuration) shall not require a sign permit.
      (5)   The total sign area on a parcel shall be calculated as the sum of the sign areas of all types of signs on the parcel except directional, temporary and freeway signs. The total sign area shall not exceed one square foot for each lineal foot of building frontage to which the signs pertain.
      (6)   Any project involving multiple tenants in one complex, such as a shopping center, shall to the extent feasible, submit a master plan illustrating sign type, area and location for all signs in the project as part of a site plan review or conditional use permit application. The intent of the master plan is to encourage sign continuity in the complex and insure that all tenants are given a fair opportunity for signage.
   (C)   Location. All signs, except those so stated by this chapter, shall be erected upon the premises occupied by the person or business sought to be identified by the sign.
   (D)   Identification signs along major thoroughfares. Where the public convenience and necessity require, the Director may permit identification signs along major entrances to the city, within 1,000 feet of the city boundaries, identifying the name of the community and the names of various non-profit or civic organizations, provided the overall sign area is not greater than 100 square feet.
   (E)   Illumination. Illumination shall be allowed on all signs upon the approval of the Planning and Building Director, unless otherwise set forth in this chapter.
   (F)   Given sign area. Any business which is permitted a total sign area of 25 square feet or less shall be permitted a sign area of 25 square feet as a “given” sign area except that the sign(s) shall comply with the standards by sign type and other applicable provisions of this chapter.
(1995 Code, § 10.188.040) (Ord. 18-01, passed 2-6-2018; Ord. 00-1854, passed - -2000)