A.   Installation Permits: In order for any manufactured building as defined by Idaho Code to be installed, (including manufactured housing, as regulated by this section) within the incorporated areas of the City of Troy, a valid installation permit must be issued by the City for the specific building and site. All applications for installation permits shall be issued by the building official upon compliance by the applicant with the provisions of this chapter and any regulation adopted pursuant thereto, any other State or local regulation pursuant thereto, and any other applicable legal requirements.
To qualify for an installation permit, all manufactured buildings must comply with the requirements of Idaho Code, title 39, chapters 40 and 41, title 44, chapters 21, 22 and 25 and any rules and regulations promulgated thereunder.
Permits for manufactured buildings not in compliance with Idaho Code, title 39, chapters 40 and 41, title 44, chapters 21, 22, and 25, and any rules and regulations promulgated thereunder shall not be valid.
Manufactured homes placed in the City limits shall meet the same requirements as other structures with regards to snow loads and are not exempt from these requirements.
   B.   Site And Unit Requirements: When applying for a manufactured housing installation permit, the following conditions must be met before an installation permit will be issued:
      1.   A building site which meets all applicable requirements of this chapter and the criteria set forth in all City of Troy ordinances shall be designated.
      2.   All setback, height, and lot size requirements of the zone and all criteria set forth in all City of Troy ordinances shall be met. If the building site is an approved space within a manufactured housing development, the manufactured home park development plans for setbacks shall prevail along with the setback and separation distances for structures contained in the Building Codes referenced in this chapter.
      3.   Permits shall be issued only for those manufactured housing units meeting all of the specifications and minimum health and safety standards for plumbing, heating, electrical, and frame and body design established pursuant to title 39, chapters 40 and 41 of the Idaho Code. Furthermore, all manufactured housing units shall meet State installation standards in title 44, chapter 22 of the Idaho Code. All manufactured housing units shall bear an insignia of approval of the state in which the manufactured home was built.
      4.   Exterior electrical and plumbing connections shall be approved by the agency having jurisdiction.
   C.   Application: Applications for installation permits shall be in writing, signed by the applicant, and shall contain the following:
      1.   The name and address of the applicant, and the name, address, license number and signature of the contractor and licensed installer;
      2.   The signature of the owner, when the applicant is not the land owner, and the location of the proposed installation site by lot, block, tract, street address, or similar description that will readily identify and specifically locate the proposed installation;
      3.   The proposed use of the building;
      4.   A site plan or plot plan showing:
         a.   The area and dimensions of the building site and proposed location of the building;
         b.   The number, location and size of any and all existing buildings and structures; and the distance from those buildings;
         c.   Two (2) sets of plans and specifications of all buildings, and other improvements, if required by the building official;
      5.   The zoning designation;
      6.   Additional information as may be requested by the building official to determine whether the proposed installation will comply with legal requirements.
   D.   Permanent Living Quarters: Nothing within this section shall be construed to allow a camping trailer, licensed vehicle or trailer, tent, yurt, recreational vehicle (including park models), or any other vehicle, accessory structure, or item as a permanent dwelling.
   E.   Fee: The installation permit application shall be accompanied by such fee as indicated in appendix A on file in the City.
   F.   General Installation Provisions:
      1.   Building Inspection Requirements: Prior to the occupancy of any manufactured housing unit in the City of Troy, the building official shall inspect such manufactured housing unit and certify that its occupancy for permanent living quarters will not violate any laws, provisions, ordinance or regulation of the City of Troy or the State of Idaho, and a certificate of occupancy must be issued by the City of Troy. Each manufactured housing unit shall be installed in such a manner as to provide a safe, secure, well- drained, and substantially level building, that complies with the requirements for personal or real property for the support of the maximum anticipated load during all seasons. Provision shall be made for proper connection of utilities, including sewer drains. In addition, all installations shall meet the minimum requirements as set forth in the State-approved installation instruction for the specific unit or model, or in the current Idaho Manufactured Home Installation Standard.
      2.   Validity Of Permit: An installation permit shall be valid for one hundred eighty (180) days. The certificate of occupancy shall be valid until removal of such manufactured building from said property. (See "Replacement" below.)
      3.   Transfer Of Permit: An installation permit shall not be transferable from one location to another. The certificate of occupancy shall be transferable from one person to another so long as the manufactured building is not moved or structurally altered without a permit.
      4.   Replacement: When any manufactured housing unit for which an installation permit or a certificate of occupancy has or has not been issued is replaced at the same site, a new installation permit and certificate of occupancy must be obtained.
   G.   After Installation Of Manufactured Buildings: Following installation of a manufactured building, building permits shall be required for all further building improvements. In addition, any further improvements shall meet the requirements set forth in this chapter.
   H.   Remodels Or Changes To Interior Of Manufactured Buildings: A building permit is required and must be obtained for any remodel or change to the interior of a manufactured building before any changes can be made. (Ord. 2019-01, 11-14-2018)