The present Council of the Municipality of Trotwood, prior to May 1, 1965, shall divide the Municipality into four (4) districts. The districts shall be as equal as practicable in population and shall be as compact as practicable in shape. Thereafter, within one (1) year following the publication of each decennial federal census, Council shall make such realignment of the district boundaries as may be required to achieve substantial equality in population with due regard to compactness and contiguity, except that such alternation shall not be made between the date of filing nomination petitions for office and the date of the following election, nor shall an redistricting become effective until the next regular municipal election, following such redistricting. Any elector shall have a right to enforce such realignment by mandamus action in the Court of Common Pleas.
   Council may realign the district boundaries more frequently than required above, but only for the purpose of population equalization and subject to the same conditions.
(Amended 11/07/2006)