This Charter may be amended as provided in the Constitution of the State of Ohio, viz., by action of the voters of the Municipality, the proposed amendments to be submitted to the voters either by (1) concurrence of two-thirds of the members of Council, or (2) petition of ten percent (10%) of the electors of the Municipality.
   At the first meeting of the Council in January of 1971, and every five (5) years thereafter, Council shall appoint a Charter Review Commission of not less than five (5) members, nor more than nine (9) members, all of whom shall be qualified electors defined as being individuals who are over the age of eighteen (18), registered to vote, and qualified to vote. This Commission shall review the entire Charter and shall recommend to the Council any alterations, revisions, and amendments to this Charter as in the Charter Review Commission's judgment, seems advisable. The Council may submit to the electors any such proposed alterations, revisions, or amendments to this Charter at the next regular election in accordance with Article XVIII, Section 9, of the Constitution of the State of Ohio. Each Charter Review Commission shall cease to function the day following the election of which its proposal is submitted to the electors or earlier as Council may direct. Members shall serve without compensation. A quorum of such Charter Review Commission shall be considered a majority of those members appointed.
(Amended 11/08/2016)