Service structures shall include but not be limited to loading docks, propane tanks, dumpsters, electrical transformers, utility vaults which extend above electrical and other equipment or elements providing service to a building or a site.  Structures may be grouped together.  However, screening height shall be based upon the tallest of the structures.
   (a)   Location of Screening.  A continuous planting of evergreen, fence or wall of earth must enclose any service structure on all sides, unless such structure must be frequently moved or accessed, in which case screening material shall be one foot more than the height of the enclosed structure, but shall not be required to exceed 10 feet in height.  Whenever a service structure is located next to a building wall, perimeter landscaping material shall be of an average height sufficient to meet the height requirements set out in this section.  Whenever service structures are screened by plant material, such material may count towards the fulfillment of required interior or perimeter landscaping.  No interior landscaping shall be required within an area screened for service structures.
   (b)   Curbs to Protect Screening Material.  Whenever screening material is placed around any trash disposal unit or waste collection unit which is emptied or removed mechanically on a regular basis, a curb to contain the placement of the container shall be provided within the screening material.  The curbing shall be at least one foot from the material and shall be designed to prevent possible damage to the screening when the container is moved or emptied.
      (Ord. 1-99. Passed 1-19-99.)