1175.04  APPROVAL.
   (a)   No site or development plan required under this Zoning Code shall receive final approval unless a landscaping plan has been submitted and approved.
   (b)   No certificate of zoning compliance shall be issued unless the following criteria are fully satisfied with regard to the approved landscape plan:
      (1)   Such plan has been fully implemented on the site; or
      (2)   Such plan, because of seasonal conditions, cannot be implemented immediately, but has been guaranteed by a postponed improvement agreement between the developer and the City in a form acceptable by the City Legal Counsel and secured by a letter of credit, cash escrow or other instrument acceptable to the City Legal Counsel in an amount equal to the cost of such installation plus a ten percent (10%) allowance for administrative costs, inflation and potential damage to existing vegetation or improvements.
         (Ord. 1-99. Passed 1-19-99.)