(a)    Landscaping should be integral to the overall design concept and should be carefully planned to serve more than one purpose. The intent of these guidelines is to ensure that landscape design contributes to the overall appearance and function of the site as well as the streetscape.
      (1)   All new property development and substantial expansion of existing structures as defined in Chapter 1175 shall meet the requirements for Buffer yards and Landscaping of Chapter 1175.
      (2)   Landscaping should blend with the dominant existing or planned streetscape and character of the area.
      (3)   Landscaping should be provided along and against all buildings to anchor it to the surrounding environment and to soften the structure. In-ground landscaping should comprise the majority of the landscaping requirement. Raised planters are acceptable when designed to accentuate the architecture and or enhance pedestrian areas.
      (4)   Storefront areas should incorporate significant landscaping (including canopy trees). Frontage design and signage locations should be coordinated with the placement of plant material.
      (5)   Trees should be used throughout paved areas and along pedestrian pathways to provide shade and to reduce heat build-up and glare. Landscape through any corridors adjoining parking areas should be a minimum of twenty feet in width when a parking module exceeds 250 cars.
      (6)   A landscape buffer should be provided to screen commercial uses from residential areas.
      (7)   Dense landscaping and/or architectural treatments should be provided to screen unattractive views and features such as storage areas, trash enclosures, utility cabinets and other similar elements.
      (8)   The site design for projects located at street corners should provide special landscape treatment at street intersections to anchor the corner.
      (9)   The use of mature trees is encouraged to provide an immediate impact especially when used in buffering adjacent uses.
      (10)   Proper maintenance and timely replacement of plant material is expected and required.
      (11)   Curbing should be installed at the edges of all planter areas adjacent to automobile circulation and parking areas.
         (Ord. 09-07. Passed 3-19-07.)