The Planning Commission shall act as the platting commission of the Municipality, and, as such, shall administer such subdivision ordinances as Council may enact.
   It shall adopt and recommend to Council a comprehensive general plan for the physical development of the Municipality, which shall include the location of public ways, property, bridges, utilities, buildings, parks, playgrounds, and recreation areas. The comprehensive general plan shall show all existing school locations in the Municipality and shall show the projected locations of new schools as determined by the Board of Education. The Planning Commission shall prepare and recommend to Council, ordinances creating areas, zones, and districts of permitted and excluded uses, including rules, regulations, restrictions, and limitations governing the design, height, floor area and size of structures, area and size of lots, size of yards, courts, open spaces, use and occupancy of public and private buildings, structures and land for trade, industry, off-street parking, residences, parks, playgrounds, and other uses or purposes as will promote the general welfare of the Municipality and its inhabitants. Any such restrictions which are designed primarily for population control shall be reasonable in scope and shall not unduly affect the marketability of any land.
   The Planning Commission may recommend the rezoning of land on its own motion or on application by any interested party. However, before the Planning Commission shall recommend to Council the rezoning of any lands, it shall hold a public hearing on the question. The Planning Commission shall cause notice of the public hearing to be published in accordance with the publication requirements prescribed by Section 10-8 of this Charter, which publication shall be no less than one (1) week before the scheduled public hearing and shall contain a summary of the question being reviewed, as well as the time, date, and place of the hearing.
   In addition to the Planning Commission's duties described above, the Planning Commission shall make a base map to be titled the "Official Map of the Municipality of Trotwood."
   In the performance of its function, the Planning Commission may enter upon any land and make examination and surveys, and place and maintain necessary monuments and marks thereon.
(Amended 11/08/2016; 11/02/2021)