A Planning Commission, a Board of Zoning Appeals, a Civil Service Commission, and a Parks and Recreation Board hereby are created. Each shall consist of five (5) electors of the Municipality appointed by Council for staggered terms of five (5) years. Council shall have the right to remove any Commission or Board Member for cause and to fill vacancies by majority vote.
   In addition to the boards and commissions, as established by the Charter, the Council may, by ordinance, create additional boards and commissions and provide for their duties and powers, as it deems necessary or the efficient operation of the Municipality.
   All boards and commissions of the Municipality, whether established by Charter or ordinance, shall have all the power and authority to adopt their own rules of procedure, not inconsistent with the Charter, ordinances of the Municipality, and general law. Council shall authorize funds as are appropriate for the operation of the boards and commissions established by ordinance.
(Amended 11/06/2001)