(a)    All applications for zoning permits, sign permits and development approvals shall be subject to review and approval under the following Design and Development Guidelines. The Planning and Zoning Administrator shall be authorized to determine if the application should not be required to follow the application and review procedure. Reasons under which an application could be considered to be exempt may be as follows:
      (1)   The proposed change or modification of the development is minor. Such changes include but are not limited to minor changes to off-street parking, repairs to existing buildings which do not alter the structure design changes to building interiors, as well as any other minor changes.
      (2)    The application already meets the guidelines.
      (3)   The application is for an aspect of a development previously approved under these guidelines.
   (b)    Applications shall be submitted to the Department of Planning and Economic Development for processing. The Planning and Zoning Administrator shall review all applications for completeness. If an application is deemed incomplete the application shall be returned to the applicant for completion; once completed, the application shall be considered officially filed.
   (c)    All applications shall then be forwarded to all City development-related Departments (Planning, Engineering, Economic Development, Fire and pertinent public water and sewer Departments) for review and comment. Simultaneously, applications shall be forwarded to the Design Review Committee for review and comment.
   (d)    Comments from Staff, Departments and the Design Review Committee shall be coordinated by the Planning and Zoning Administrator and sent to the applicant for response and revision no later than fifteen (15) working days from the date the application is considered officially filed.
   (e)    Upon completion of the review and response phase of the application process, the application and all pertinent documents, along with all review comments, shall be forwarded to Planning Commission for Public Hearing. The hearing shall be held at the next regularly scheduled Planning Commission meeting which allows for fulfillment of the public notification requirements.
   (f)    Following public hearing and discussion, Planning Commission shall approve, disapprove, approve with conditions, or remand the application to the applicant for modification. The decision of the Planning Commission shall be considered final unless the applicant files an appeal of denial to City Council.
(Ord. 09-07. Passed 3-19-07.)