(a)   The Salem Avenue Redevelopment Area is an area in transition. Disinvestment in the area has accelerated over the last few years. The deterioration of the Salem Mall and some of the nearby properties has required intervention by the City of Trotwood in order to try to stabilize the commercial development in the area. The City’s commitment to the redevelopment of the area, including making significant financial investment in the area, has necessitated creation and adoption of new development procedures in order to assure quality development and redevelopment in the SARA.
   (b)    To that end, the City has adopted the following regulations and procedures for the land and buildings known as the Salem Avenue Redevelopment Area. These guidelines are intended to assist architects, contractors and developers as they prepare for submission of applications for development or redevelopment in the SARA.
(Ord. 09-07. Passed 3-19-07.)