Conditionally permitted uses shall be as follows:
   (a)   Active recreation
   (b)   Assisted living facility
   (c)   Bus passenger station
   (d)   Community center
   (e)   Day care centers
   (f)   Family care home
   (g)   Non-commercial recreational uses
   (h)   Nursing and convalescent homes
   (i)   Parks and playgrounds
   (j)   Private schools
   (k)   Professional servie
   (l)   Public offices
   (m)   Public recreation center
   (n)   Religious places of worship
   (o)   Residence home for the aged
   (p)   Single family dwelling
   (q)   Two family dwelling
   (r)   Uses similar to those indicated in this district; pursuant to Chapter 1135
   (s)   [Pursuant to Chapter 1133, see Appendix B, Schedule of Permitted and Conditional Uses by District]
      (Ord. 45-08. Passed 12-15-08.)