(a)   Council may revoke the license of any taxicab operator who is convicted by a court of competent jurisdiction of any of the following offenses:
      (1)   Any felony offense under state or federal law, or three minor traffic misdemeanor offenses which occur within one twelve month calendar year period.
      (2)   Permitting a taxicab to be operated for hire by one not licensed as a driver, as hereinafter provided.
      (3)   Any false statement in the application for the operator's license.
      (4)   The violation of any other provision of this chapter.
      (5)   Conviction of any offense relating to the use of intoxicating liquor, alcohol or drugs.
      (6)   Offenses against public morals.
      (7)   Conviction of any offenses involving the possession, the sale or other illegal trafficking in drugs.
   (b)   The failure to provide adequate and reasonable service within the discretion of Council but on the condition that the revocation of the operator's license shall be made definite and certain by itemization served upon the taxicab operator by regular mail.
   (c)   If the person is convicted and is an executive officer of a corporation or a partnership in a firm or partnership at the date of the offense, the license shall be revoked only if it appears that the partnership or corporation sanctioned, aided in or had knowledge of the offense for which the conviction was made.
   (d)   Upon revocation of any operator's license, Council shall cause a notice in writing to be served upon or left at the usual place of business of the licensee, whereupon the licensee shall surrender his licenses together with all taxicab registration tags. No operator shall engage in the taxicab business until or unless a new license his been issued to him. No new license shall be issued to that licensee for a period of five years from the time of any revocation. In the event of any subsequent conviction of an operator for the violation of any of the offenses set forth in this section, his license shall be permanently revoked and no further license shall be issued.
(1987 Code 117.30)