(a)   No taxicab operator's license to operate a particular taxicab or taxicabs shall be issued unless and until Council shall, by resolution, declare that the public convenience and necessity requires the issuance of additional operator's licenses in such number as may be set forth in the order so made and certified to the issuing authority. Upon receipt of the certification and compliance with any other requirements as may hereafter be set forth, the issuing authority shall be authorized to issue the specific additional number of operator's licenses to the person, firm or corporation named in such order, in conformity with the subsequent provisions of this chapter.
   (b)   Council shall hold a public hearing whenever it has determined whether or not public convenience and necessity require the issuance of as such additional operator's licenses, the number of licenses, if any, so required, and the person, firm or corporation to which the operator license should be issued. All interested parties have the right to submit applications to and be heard by Council at a public hearing with relation to a determination.
   (c)   Application for orders and certification thereof shall be made by filing the same not less than forty-five days prior to the public hearing. All applications shall be deemed to be public records and shall be available for inspection by all interested persons.
(1987 Code 117.25)