All persons, firms or corporations engaged in the taxicab business in the City, operating under the provisions of this chapter, shall render a continuous and overall service to the public. Holders of operator's licenses shall maintain a central place of business properly zoned and keep the same open twenty-four hours daily to receive calls and dispatch cabs. They shall respond to all calls received by them for service as soon as they can do so. In the event that services cannot be furnished, they shall state the reason therefor. Any hauler who refuses to accept a call anywhere within the City, when cabs are available therefor, or who fails or refuses, except for conditions beyond his control, to furnish continuous and overall service, shall be deemed to have violated this chapter and the license held by him may be revoked at the discretion of the City Manager. At the time of any application for an operator's license, the applicant shall, in addition to other requirements of this chapter, demonstrate his ability to provide the services required by this section.
(1987 Code 117.02)