Ord. No.   Date   Description
22-76   9-20-76   Vacating a certain part of an unnamed street located in Hyer's Subdivision plat lot 151.
9-87   4-6-87   Vacating an alley being 16 feet wide on the west side of lots 32 and 33 of the Hyer's Plat on South Broadway Avenue.
14-86   8-18-86   Vacating alley to rear of 10 Grand Ave. to 110 Grand Ave.
17-89   8-21-89   Vacating alley beginning at 465 West Main St., to the rear of 465 West Main St.
4-95   7-3-95   Vacating Trailer St.
14-96   8-19-96   Vacating alley behind No. 3 North Sunrise.
15-96   8-19-96   Vacating alley between Northampton Ave. and Lorimer St.
20-96   10-7-96   Vacating part of Oakes Rd. from Westbrook Rd. to 1100 south of Westbrook Rd.
10-99   2-15-99   Vacates dedicated r-o-w at north end of Iona Ave. and north of Carmin Ave.
12-99   3-15-99   Vacates dedicated alley, parallel and south of Worley Ave., west of Sunrise Ave. to N/S alley between Sunrise and Pleasant Aves.
35-06   10-2-06   Vacates Plainview Ave. right-of-way located west of Ohio Road and north of West Third St.
09-08   3-17-08   Vacates the alley associated with the former Kon Tiki property.
10-11   5-2-11   Vacates a 0.030 acre portion of the publicly-dedicated alley that runs north-south and is adjacent to Parcel ID NumbersH33-00816-0001, H33-00816-0002 and H33- 00816-0003 on Devonshire Avenue; and Parcel ID Numbers H33-00816-0021 and H33-00816-0022 on Northampton Avenue.