Every foundation, exterior wall and roof of every dwelling shall be constructed and maintained, and shall be kept in good repair and in safe condition, so as to make all occupied rooms and other interior areas weathertight, watertight, rodentproof and fit for human habitation and so as not to adversely affect the neighborhood in which they are located. Good repair, maintenance and safe condition shall include, but are not limited to, the following:
   (a)   Foundations. Foundations shall support the building at all points and shall be free of all holes and cracks which admit rodents, water or dampness to the interior of the building or lessen the capability of the foundation to support the building.
   (b)   Exterior Walls and Surfaces. Exterior walls and other exterior surface materials shall be free of holes, cracks, loose or rotting boards and timbers or any other condition which might admit rodents, rain or dampness to the interior of the dwelling.
   (c)   Windows. Windows shall be fully supplied with window glass or an approved substitute which is glazed and which is without open cracks or holes, shall have sashes in good condition which fit within frames, shall be capable of being easily opened and held in position by hardware, and shall be maintained so as to exclude adverse weather elements from entering the structure.
   (d)   Exterior Doors. Doors shall be maintained so as to be structurally sound, shall fit within frames so as to be weatherproof, windproof and waterproof and shall be provided with door hinges and door latches which are in good working condition.
   (e)   Roofs. Roof members, covering and flashing shall be structurally sound and tight so as to prevent the entrance of moisture and shall be maintained by renewal, repair, waterproofing or other suitable means. Roof drainage shall be adequate to prevent rain water from causing dampness in the interior portion of the building.
   (f)   Gutters. Rain gutters, downspouts, leaders or other means of water diversion shall be provided to collect, conduct and discharge all water from the roof and shall be maintained so as not to leak or cause dampness in the walls, ceiling or basement or adversely affect adjacent properties.
   (g)   Chimneys. Chimneys shall be free of cracks, holes or missing portions and maintained in sound condition.
   (h)   Porches. Every porch shall be constructed and maintained so as to be free of missing, defective, rotting or deteriorated foundations, supports, floors, other members, and steps thereto, so as to be safe to use, and shall be kept in sound condition and in good repair.
   (i)   Structural Members. Any structural member of a structure that has become deteriorated or damaged to the extent that it does not serve the purpose originally intended shall be renewed, restored, repaired or replaced as is necessary to serve the purpose originally intended.
   (j)   Paint and Protective Coverings. Except for materials that have been designed or manufactured to remain untreated, all exterior wood, composition or metal surfaces shall be protected from the elements by paint or other protective covering.
   (k)   Hatchways. Basement or cellar hatchways shall be constructed and maintained so as to prevent the entrance of rodents, rain and surface drainage into the dwelling.
   (l)   Decorative Features. All cornices, entablatures, bell courses, corbels, terracotta trim, wall facings and similar decorative features shall be maintained in good repair with proper anchorage and in a safe condition.
(Ord. 1-95. Passed 1-5-95.)