(a)   All proposed subdivisions shall have a storm system designed to serve the area being developed. It shall be compatible with any adjacent storm drainage system. The storm drainage system shall be designed in such a manner so as to minimize the effects on all downstream properties. The preliminary drainage plan shall show the general suitability of the proposed development to support a storm water management system.
   (b)   The preliminary drainage plan shall be due at the time of preliminary plat submittal and shall reflect a 2-foot topographical contour map which consists of 2 parts:
      (1)   The major system is comprised of the 100-year flood route. This system shall be laid out in a manner which directs all excess storm water into a detention or retention area.
      (2)   The minor system is comprised of storm sewers, inlets, etc.
   (c)   This plan shall also include the following information:
      (1)   Detention or retention facilities that are required for each subdivision.
      (2)   The approximate location of any 100-year flood boundary areas.
   (d)   The Planning Commission may require additional information from the subdivider if the site warrants such.
(Ord. 12-2002.  Passed 7-2-02.)