Section 6.061.  Merit System.
   All compensated positions in the service of the City shall be in the classified service and shall be appointed pursuant to competitive examination, so far as practicable, except the following, which shall comprise the unclassified service of the City:
      1.   All officers elected by the people.
      2.   The Clerk of Council.
      3.   The City Manager.
      4.   Secretary to the Manager.
      5.   The directors of departments.
      6.   Members of boards, commissions, agencies and authorities appointed by Council and by this Charter.
      7.   Unskilled labor as defined by the Personnel Board.
      8.   Employees of exceptional professional or scientific qualification engaged as consultants.
      9.   Seasonal and part-time employees as defined by the Personnel Board.
      10.   Volunteer personnel in the Division of Fire and Auxiliary Police within the Division of Police.
      11.   Secretary of each board and commission established by this Charter or Council, provided that if such secretary holds other employment within the classified service of the City, this section shall not exempt such person from the requirement of competitive examination to hold other such employment.
   Additional positions created by Council shall be under the classified service unless the ordinance or resolution creating the position states otherwise.