Section 5.061.  Duties of Treasurer.
   The Treasurer is the fiscal officer of the Municipality. Specifically his duties are:
      a.   To demand and receive from the County Treasurer taxes, levies, and assessments made and certified to the County Auditor by the Council, and placed on the tax list by such Auditor for collection. He shall also demand and receive monies from persons authorized to collect or required to pay them from judgments, fines, penalties, forfeitures, licenses, court costs, and debts due the Municipality.
      b.   To disburse the funds of the Municipality on the order of the Council.
      c.   To keep an accurate account of all monies received by him, showing the amount thereof, the date received, from whom, and for what account received.
      d.   To keep an accurate account of all disbursements made by him, showing the amount thereof, the date made, to whom and from what account paid.
      e.   To so arrange his books that the amounts received and paid on accounts of separate funds or specified apportionments shall be exhibited in separate accounts.
      f.   At a regular meeting of the Council in January in each year, the Treasurer shall report to the Council the condition of the finances of the Municipality, the amount received by him, the sources of such receipts, the disbursements made by him and of what account, during the year preceding. Such report shall exhibit the balance of each fund at the end of the year.
      g.   The records of said office shall be kept at the Municipal Building at all times.
      h.   To perform such other duties as are required by Council of the Municipality consistent with his office.
      i.   To appoint, suspend or remove employees to or from positions in the Department of Finance.
(Amended 11-4-97)