Section 3.04.  Publication of Ordinances.
   All ordinances and resolutions of a general nature shall be posted on the City web site, and copies displayed at Civic Hall and the Public Library. Such summary shall consist of a brief statement of the effect of the ordinance or resolution. After passage, ordinances, and resolutions, shall be posted in at least two places in the City, one of which shall be the Municipal Building, not less than ten (10) days prior to the taking effect thereof. An emergency ordinance or resolution shall also be published and posted as aforesaid, but said requirement shall not postpone the immediate taking effect thereof. A failure to post or to publish, omission, delay or error in said posting or publication on the part of the City or a newspaper, their officers, employees or agents, shall not cause such ordinance or resolution to be declared invalid, or otherwise affect the validity of such ordinance or resolution, and in such events the Clerk of Council shall authorize posting or publication at a later date.
(Amended 11-3-92; 11-7-17)