Section 2.04.  Mayor.
   The Mayor shall be elected from among the members of Council for a term of two years by a majority vote of the members of Council. Another member shall be elected as Vice-Mayor, who shall preside at meetings of Council in the absence of the Mayor. The Mayor shall have all the powers, duties, functions, obligations,  and rights of Council, appoint the various committees of Council and shall co-ordinate the work of the various committees appointed by him. He shall have no veto powers. He shall be the ceremonial head of the City and perform such other duties as may be imposed upon him by the Council, but shall exercise no administrative authority.
   Until such time as the Mayor's Court is abolished by law and/or its jurisdiction transferred to another court, the Mayor, and when the Mayor is absent from the Municipality or unable to perform his or her duties, the Vice-Mayor, shall have all the judicial powers granted generally by the laws of Ohio to the mayors of Ohio cities. The Mayor and/or Vice-Mayor shall exercise all or any such powers in accordance with the procedure established by the law governing City Mayors' Courts and shall comply with all City and State requirements to conduct Mayor's Court. If the Mayor and Vice-Mayor are ineligible or absent, an attorney may be appointed by Council to conduct Mayor's Court.
   In the event the office of Mayor shall become vacant for any reason, the Vice-Mayor shall thereupon become Mayor to serve for the unexpired term, and his office as Vice-Mayor shall be filled by vote of Council.
(Amended 6-8-82; 11-3-92)