Section 2.02.  Qualifications.
   Each member of Council shall have been a resident and qualified elector of the Municipality for at least one (1) continuous year prior to his election and shall continue to be a resident and qualified elector of the Municipality throughout his term of office.
Except as provided by or under this Charter, members of Council shall not hold any other compensated office or position of employment with the City, and shall comply with Federal and State laws regarding other public office elected or appointed positions. (Amended 11-7-17)
   A Councilman shall not forfeit his office as Councilman in the event he is called to full-time military service for a period exceeding sixty-one (61) consecutive days; however, Council may appoint an elector of the City to fill the vacant seat until such time that either the Councilman returns from military service or his term of office expires.
(Amended 8-2-07)
   Any member of Council who shall cease to possess, or who violates any of the qualifications herein enumerated may be removed from his office, but failure to maintain said qualifications shall not render void or ineffective any action of Council in which such member has participated.