§ 36.01  FEE SCHEDULE.
Commercial, Industrial, Multi-Family and Institutional
Accessory structures (antenna, gas station canopies and the like)*
$100.00 + 0.30/$100 of construction value
Electrical/mechanical/plumbing upgrade
Foundation release (if issued separately)
$200.00 + $0.30/$100 of construction value
New construction*
$400.00 + $0.10/sq. ft.
$200.00 + $0.10 sq. ft.
Suite buildings*
For total building + all additional suites will be billed to the developer after completion in the amount of $65.00 per inspection of each suite
$300.00 +0.07 sq. ft.
Miscellaneous Permits
Land alteration (if issued separately from a building permit)
Mobile home
$50.00 + $0.50/sq. ft. of sign face
Miscellaneous Publications and Services
Copies of public records:
   (A) Copies of public records shall be provided according to the following schedule of uniform copying fees:
      (1) Pages less than or equal to an 11-inch by 17-inch page
$0.10 per printed side
      (2) Facsimile transmissions
$0.25 per copy (for local calls only)
      (3) Standard audio recording
$2.00 per disc
      (4) Printed town maps
$3.00 each
      (5) Accident reports
   (B) All revenue received pursuant to this fee shall be deposited with the Town Clerk Treasurer and credited to the town’s General Fund, except for accident fund fees which shall be receipted to the Law Enforcement Continuing Education Fund.
Expedited building permit review fee
$100 (+$50/hour for review over 1 hour)
False security alarms: fees are assessed on a yearly basis
   (A) First false alarm
   (B) Second false alarm
   (C) Third false alarm
   (D) Any subsequent false alarms incurred by a business
Reinspection fee
$50 (first reinspection)
   (Any inspection that requires more than two site visits will be assessed)
$100 (second reinspection)
$200 (third reinspection)
Zoning Map (corporate or buffer zone)
Zoning Ord./Subdivision Control Ord. and/or Comprehensive Plan
   Note: Permit fees will be tripled if work begins without a permit
Dimensional variance
$150 (other)
P.U.D. Phase I (concept plan)
$300 + $5/lot
P.U.D. Phase II (detailed plan)
   (Rezoning included; secondary plat filings not included)
Secondary plat (per section) (major subdivisions only)
$300 + $5/lot
Sketch plan/primary plat
$300 +$5/lot
Special exception
Use variance
Residential (Single-Family Attached and Detached Homes)
Accessory structures* (structures of less than 200 sq. ft. and not placed on a permanent foundation do not require permits)
$100.00 + $0.10 sq. ft.
Agricultural building* (structures on land over 10 acres, used for agricultural purposes only)
$30.00 +$0.10 sq. ft.
Electrical/mechanical/or plumbing upgrade (a separate fee will be required for each item to be upgraded)
House moving
In-ground swimming pool
New construction* (includes only the living area of the structure)
$250.00 + $0.10/sq. ft.
$100.00 + $0.10/sq. ft.
Roof upgrade/repair (the replacing of shingles and any other non-structural items does not require a permit)
Satellite dish (satellite dish larger than 1 meter (3.3 feet) only; smaller dishes do not require permit)
Sanitary sewer tap-on/capacity fees
See Chapter 53, Ordinance 2010-0003
   Residential only: (1 EDU) sewer hookup
   Commercial properties
see EDU schedule in Chapter 53 and § 53.60
Water hookups
See Chapter 52, Ordinance 2010-0002
   Residential only: (1 EDU) water hookup
   Commercial properties
see EDU schedule in Chapter 52
* Permits are inclusive of plumbing, mechanical, electrical, site alterations and demolition
(Ord. 2007-0004, passed 9-20-2007; Ord. 2010-0007, passed 7-22-2010; Ord. 2011-0003, passed 6-23-2011)