Consistent with I.C. 5-13-9, only the following investments will be permitted by this Policy:
   (A)   Securities backed by the full faith and credit of the United States Treasury or fully guaranteed by the United States and issues by any of the following:
      (1)   The United States Treasury.
      (2)   A federal agency.
      (3)   A federal instrumentality.
      (4)   A federal government sponsored enterprise.
   (B)   Securities fully guaranteed and issued by any of the following:
      (1)   A federal agency.
      (2)   A federal instrumentality.
      (3)   A federal government sponsored enterprise.
   (C)   Municipal securities issued by an Indiana local governmental entity, a quasi-governmental entity related to the state, or a unit of government, municipal corporation, or special taxing district in Indiana, if the issuer has not defaulted on any of the issuer’s obligations within the 20 years preceding the date of the purchase in accordance with I.C. 5-13-9.2.
   (D)   Money market mutual funds rated AAAm, or its equivalent, by Standard and Poor’s Corporation or Aaa, or its equivalent, by Moody’s Investors Service, Inc. in accordance with I.C. 5-13-9-2.5.
   (E)   Repurchase agreements in accordance with I.C. 5-13-9-3.
   (F)   Transaction accounts, certificates of deposit and deposit accounts issued or offered by a designated depository of the town’s political subdivision. The investigating officer making a deposit in a certificate of deposit shall obtain quotes from each designated depository in accordance with I.C. 5-13-9-4.
   (G)   Certificates of deposit in accordance with I.C. 5-13-9-5 and 5-13-9-5.3.
   (H)   Local government investment pools in accordance with I.C. 5-13-9-11.
(Ord. 2014-012, passed - - )