The following conditions shall be met or agreed to be adhered to prior to the issuance of a home occupation permit:
   A.   The home occupation shall not alter the residential character of the residential premises by reason of activity, color, design, materials, storage, construction, lighting, sounds, noises, vibrations, dust, odors, noxious fumes, etc., nor shall it unreasonably disturb the peace and quiet of an individual and/or the residential neighborhood, nor interfere with area radio or television reception.
   B.   No persons other than residents of the residential premises shall be employed in the home occupation. No independent contractors shall come upon the residential premises to conduct the work of the home occupation.
   C.   Outside storage of equipment and/or materials associated with the home occupation business shall not be permitted.
   D.   Only two (2) vehicles may be used in association with the home occupation and they shall be capable of being parked in the garage (or regularly parked areas normally used by the resident). The vehicles used for the home occupation shall be limited to a maximum gross vehicle weight rating of twelve thousand (12,000) pounds or six (6) tons.
   E.   The number of square feet used for conducting the home occupation, whether in the residence or other permitted structure, shall not exceed twenty five percent (25%) of the total area of the residence, plus attached garage, not to exceed five hundred (500) square feet.
   F.   The home occupation may be conducted in a garage or other structures on the premises, subject to the following:
      1.   The garage may not be altered in any way that prevents the parking of vehicles within.
      2.   Sufficient off street parking must be available for the vehicles displaced by using the garage to conduct the home occupation.
   G.   No business signs are to be displayed on the residential premises in connection with the home occupation.
   H.   The home occupation shall not create noise in excess of that which is customary to the immediate neighborhood.
   I.   The home occupation shall not generate pedestrian or vehicular traffic in excess of that customarily associated with the zoning in which the use is located.
   J.   The proposed home occupation will not place the residence or permitted structure out of conformity with any applicable Fire, Building, Plumbing, Electrical and Health Codes, as well as with any Federal and State regulations and other ordinances of the City. The residential premises shall be subject to inspection by the City for compliance purposes.
   K.   The proposed home occupation will not cause a demand for Municipal or utility services, or community facilities, in excess of those usually and customarily provided for similar residential premises in the affected zoning area.
   L.   Promotional meetings for the purpose of selling merchandise, taking orders or training shall not be held more than once in any calendar month.
   M.   No sales of goods or materials requiring regular or frequent delivery to a customer by a semitractor/trailer truck are permitted.
   N.   No hours of operation between ten o'clock (10:00) P.M. and six o'clock (6:00) A.M. are permitted.
   O.   No storage, usage or disposal of hazardous or flammable materials.
   P.   All trash or refuse created by the home occupation is to be disposed of regularly and the storage of all trash/refuse will be kept in appropriate containers out of the sight of the public from in the front of the residence.
   Q.   The applicant shall maintain a valid business license issued by the City, or in the case of satellite operation, in the City where the main center of operations for the home occupation is located.
The City Development staff may condition the approval of any home occupation permit with conditions reasonably calculated to mitigate or maintain any of the above mentioned conditions. (Ord. 2019.03, 5-9-2019)