All applications for a home occupation permit shall contain the following:
   A.   The name, contact information, and home address of the person applying for the permit;
   B.   The registered name of the business, if applicable;
   C.   The Federal tax identification (EIN) number of the business entity, if applicable;
   D.   A brief description of the type of business/home occupation to be engaged in;
   E.   A State tax identification number, if applicable;
   F.   A licensure number issued by the State Department of Professional and Occupational Licensing, if applicable;
   G.   Proof that the home occupation is State licensed or exempt, if applicable;
   H.   A diagram or floor plan of the residence and/or ancillary structure (drawn to rough scale) showing the location and size of the area of the residence/structure being proposed to be used for a home occupation;
   I.   Signature of the applicant (or applicant's authorized agent) acknowledging under penalty of law that the information provided by the applicant (or applicant's authorized agent) is true. (Ord. 2019.03, 5-9-2019)