All other definitions set forth in this title not specifically modified by this section are incorporated herein by this reference.
The following words and phrases used in this chapter shall have the following meanings, unless a different meaning clearly appears from the context:
HOME OCCUPATION: The conducting of any business, transaction or activity for which consideration of any nature is received within any permitted zoning district. Garage or yard type sales do not constitute a home occupation provided they are held no more than four (4) times per calendar year and last no more than three (3) consecutive days on each occasion.
HOME OCCUPATION PERMIT: The permit issued by the Toquerville City Development staff for the purpose of granting permission to conduct a home occupation.
IN HOME OFFICE: The use of a portion of the residential premises for office use only, including, but not limited to, record storage, filing, invoicing, accounting, billing, order taking, making appointments and telephone contacts.
RESIDENCE: The building or structure on the residential premises that is the home or dwelling unit that has been designed for use as the living and sleeping place for its occupants, as distinguished from a detached garage or other accessory building.
RESIDENTIAL PREMISES: The parcel of land and structures on it that is located in the areas of the City which are, or may be, zoned to permit home occupations. Residential premises does not include parcels of land located in any Commercial Zoning District. (Ord. 2019.03, 5-9-2019)