10-22-11: APPEAL:
Any person who has been ordered by the Planning Commission to alter or remove any sign, or any person whose application for a sign permit has been refused, may appeal to the Appeal Authority by serving a written notice to the City Recorder within ten (10) days of the order or decision of the Planning Commission. Such notice of appeal shall be considered by the Appeal Authority at a hearing prescribed by section 10-3-2 of this title. Upon filing of said notice of appeal, the Planning Commission shall take no further action with regard to any removal of the sign involved until the final decision of the Appeal Authority on the appeal is known, unless the Planning Commission finds that the sign involved, by reason of its condition, presents an immediate and serious danger to the public, or comes within the provisions of subsection 10-22-10E of this chapter, in which case the Planning Commission shall proceed immediately as provided in this chapter. (Ord. 2018.07, 12-13-2018)