A.   Permit Required: Except as provided in this chapter, it shall be unlawful to display, erect, relocate or alter any sign without first filing a written application, on a form approved by the city, with the city and obtaining a sign permit. When a sign permit has been issued by the city, it shall be unlawful to change, modify, alter or otherwise deviate from the terms or conditions of said permit without prior approval of the city. A written record of such approval shall be entered upon the original permit application and maintained in the files of the city.
   B.   Application For Permit: The application for a sign permit shall be made by the owner or tenant of the property on which the sign is to be located, or his authorized agent, or a licensed sign contractor. The application for a sign permit shall be accompanied by the following:
      1.   The name, address and telephone number of the owner or persons entitled to possession of the sign and of the sign contractor or erector.
      2.   The location by street address of the proposed sign structure.
      3.   A site plan showing the proposed location of the sign in relation to the face of the building or to the boundaries of the lot on which it is situated, existing and proposed buildings or other structures, control curbs and parking areas.
      4.   Elevation drawings of the proposed sign, drawn to scale, showing the type of sign, sign display, sign height and sign area.
      5.   Plans indicating the scope and structural detail of the work to be done, including details of all connections, guylines, supports and footing, and materials to be used.
      6.   Type of sign illumination, if any, including description of proposed illumination, technical data sufficient to allow evaluation of proposed light levels and identification of fixtures, types, locations, mounting and wattage on plans and elevations.
      7.   The extent to which the sign is proposed to project into or over public property, if any.
      8.   Such other information as the city or the planning commission deem relevant to the application.
   C.   Exceptions From Permit Requirements:
      1.   Excepted Changes: The following changes shall not require a sign permit. These exceptions shall not be construed as relieving the owner of the sign from the responsibility of its erection and maintenance and its compliance with the provisions of this chapter or any other law or ordinance regulating the same.
         a.   The changing of the advertising copy or message of a painted, plastic face or printed sign only. Except for signs specifically designed for use of replaceable copy, electric signs shall not be included in this exception.
         b.   The electrical, repainting or cleaning maintenance of a sign.
         c.   The repair of a sign.
      2.   Excepted Types: The following types of signs are allowed without permit, but otherwise subject to the regulations of this chapter:
         a.   On premises advertising signs that are painted on windows or attached to windows or walls, clearly of a temporary nature and which promote specific sales or commercial events, fundraisers or events of civic, philanthropic, educational or religious organizations, provided such signs are displayed no more than fourteen (14) days prior to said event and are removed not more than seven (7) days after the event.
         b.   Signs which are associated with public or quasi-public organization functions which are clearly of a temporary nature.
         c.   Any sign within the interior of any building or within an enclosed lobby or court or any building that is not visible from any public right of way.
         d.   Signs not exceeding two (2) square feet in area and bearing only property number, postal box numbers or names of occupants of premises.
         e.   Legal notices, identification and information for directional signs erected by governmental bodies.
         f.   Traffic control signs on private property, the face of which meet department of transportation standards and contain no commercial message.
         g.   Historical or memorial signs, provided the sign is cut into any masonry surface or inlaid so as to be part of the building and does not exceed two (2) square feet in area.
         h.   Political and campaign signs on behalf of candidates for public office or measures on election ballots, limited to an individual sign area of six (6) square feet and a combined sign area not exceeding twelve (12) square feet per residence or business, provided such signs be placed, posted or erected no earlier than sixty (60) days prior to said election and shall be removed within seven (7) days following said election. Such signs shall only be placed on private property with the permission of the property owner.
         i.   No more than one property sign which serves to advertise the actual intent to sell, rent or build to suit, with no more than six (6) square feet of area and no more than four feet (4') in height, and is located within the property to which the sign applies; and one off site directional sign, no more than two feet (2') in width and two feet (2') in height showing direction to the property for sale. Written permission must be obtained from the owner of said property before placement of off site signs on any property.
         j.   Property signs which warn of a hazard.
         k.   Service station signs with no more than eight (8) square feet of area and not more than eight feet (8') in height. In addition, one "self/min/full serve" sign, not to exceed three (3) square feet in area, is allowed on each end of each pump island.
         l.   Permanent signs painted or otherwise displayed on the interior or exterior of windows, provided the total copy area of such signs shall not exceed a maximum of twenty five percent (25%) of the total window area of the building face on which it is displayed, or one square foot per linear front foot of the premises occupied, whichever is the lesser.
         m.   Signs of a primarily decorative nature, clearly incidental and customary and commonly associated with any national, local or religious holiday which do not display the name of a business, product or other advertising material. Such signs shall be displayed for a period of not more than forty (40) consecutive days.
         n.   Each business shall be permitted up to two (2) exterior signs not to exceed six (6) square feet in area that contain only the word "open" to designate that a business is open for business, provided such sign shall be removed or turned off at the end of each business day.
         o.   Flags flown on a temporary basis for purposes of honoring national or civic holidays, provided such flags do not exceed eight feet (8') long in their largest dimension. Official flags or emblems of federal, state or local governments, provided all such flags or emblems shall be placed on flagpoles not attached to a building or structure not exceeding twenty five feet (25') in height and such flag or emblem does not exceed eight feet (8') in its largest dimension.
         p.   Menus displayed on the exterior of premises occupied by restaurants, provided the size of such menu does not exceed four (4) square feet and the displayed menu is attached to the structure.
         q.   Service signs with no more than six (6) square feet of area. (Ord. 2012.04, 1-18-2012)
      3.   City Signage Exempt: The provisions of this section do not apply to any sign constructed by Toquerville City. (Ord. 2016.07, 12-8-2016)
   D.   Fees For Sign Permit: Each application for a permit under this chapter shall be accompanied by payment of a fee, which shall be established by the city council from time to time. (Ord. 2012.04, 1-18-2012; amd. 2014 Code)
   E.   Issuance And Denial: The city staff shall review an application and accept it as complete or reject it as incomplete within seven (7) working days from the date of filing. Applications accepted as complete by the city staff shall appear on the agenda of the next regularly scheduled meeting of the planning commission for which the agenda request time requirements shall be followed. The planning commission shall review such application for action in conformity with the provisions of this chapter. The planning commission shall either approve, approve with conditions or deny a permit based on the criteria set forth in this chapter. Staff shall issue a permit for said sign when the application has been given final approval as prescribed herein and the proposed sign, and the building or business with which it is associated, complies with all appropriate laws and ordinances. When a permit application is denied by staff or the planning commission, staff shall give written notice, mailed within ten (10) working days, of the denial to the applicant, together with a brief statement of the reasons for the denial. (Ord. 2012.04, 1-18-2012)