The purpose of these sign regulations is to encourage the effective use of signs as a means of communication in the city; to maintain and enhance the aesthetic environment and the city's ability to attract sources of economic development and growth; to improve pedestrian and traffic safety; to minimize the adverse effect of signs on nearby public and private property; and to enable the fair and consistent enforcement of these sign restrictions. Accordingly, the city adopts these regulations to provide for a healthy business environment considering safety aspects while maintaining those aesthetic qualities reflective of the natural surroundings. The goals to be achieved by these regulations are:
   A.   Effective identification of each business, allowing for creativity and reflecting the business character and image.
   B.   Stimulating harmony within the community while allowing for competitive opportunities and protection of property values to preserve a healthy business environment and sustainable economy.
   C.   Creation of a town image that reflects the relationship with the surrounding natural scenic grandeur and the city's historical heritage.
   D.   Provision for the safety of pedestrians and motorists and promotion and protection of the public welfare. (Ord. 2012.04, 1-18-2012)