A.   The City Council may by resolution designate a portion of any of the City's cemeteries to the burial of indigents. Whenever it is made to appear to the Mayor by proof submitted to him by the City Recorder that any person who has died does not have an estate sufficient to pay the purchase price of a plot in one of the City's cemeteries, and that the nearest relative or representative of such deceased person who is a resident of the City desires to have the body of such deceased interred in a City owned cemetery, the Mayor may grant burial space for such deceased person.
   B.   The Mayor shall communicate his decision to both the City Recorder and the Cemetery Superintendent. The Mayor shall give report of his decision, whether affirmative or negative, to the City Council at its next regular meeting. (1977 Code § 8-291; amd. Ord. 2021.24, 10-20-2021)