The term LOUD AND RAUCOUS NOISE and activities enumerated herein as public nuisances, do not include noise or sound generated by the following:
   (A)   Cries for emergency assistance and warning calls;
   (B)   Radios, sirens, horns, and bells on police, fire, and other emergency response vehicles;
   (C)   The Tontitown Grape Festival, or any gatherings, parades, rides, exhibits, or other activities associated with such;
   (D)   Activities on or in municipal and school athletic facilities and on or in publicly owned property and facilities, provided that such activities have been authorized by the owner of such property or facilities or its agent;
   (E)   Fire, burglar, or automobile alarms, prior to the giving of notice and a reasonable opportunity for the owner or tenant in possession of the premises or automobile served by any such device to turn off or deactivate the alarm;
   (F)   Religious worship activities conducted in a permanent structure, including but not limited to bells, organs, and signing;
   (G)   Locomotives and other railroad equipment, and aircraft;
   (H)   Fireworks displays within such hours and conditions as may be imposed by the issuance of the permit, or the discharging of fireworks as allowed by ordinances of the city.
   (I)   Any "agricultural operation" or "farming operation" as defined by A.C. § 2-4-102.
(Ord. 182, passed 7-6-04; Am. Ord. 2007-08-297, passed 8-7-07)