(A)   Residential accessory uses shall include the following accessory uses, activities, facilities, and structures: fences and walls; garages, carports, and off-street parking and loading areas; gardens; gates and guard houses; home occupations (subject to limitations and requirements of division (C) below); playhouses, patios, cabanas, porches, gazebos and household storage buildings; radio and television receiving antennas; recreational and play facilities for residents; storm and fallout shelters; and other necessary and customary uses determined to be appropriate, incidental, and subordinate to the principal use on the lot.
   (B)   Home occupations permitted.
      (1)   The home office or business is clearly secondary to the use of the dwelling as a residence and does not change the residential character or appearance of the dwelling or lot in any visible manner.
      (2)   The work done in the home office or business creates no objectionable odor, noticeable vibration, or offensive noise that increases a level of ambient sound at the property lines.
      (3)   The home office or business does not involve the external display of goods or services, and does not cause unsightly conditions or waste visible from off the property.
      (4)   The home office or business does not cause interference with any type of communication signal reception in the vicinity.
      (5)   Permitted home occupations shall not include the employment of any persons not residing on the premises in the performance of the occupation.
      (6)   The home office or business sells no articles on the premises that are not produced on the premises.
      (7)   The home office or business occupies no more than 10% of the total floor area of the residence.
      (8)   There shall be no external alteration of the dwelling, nor storage of supplies or equipment outside.
      (9)   Not more than one truck of not more than one and one-half ton capacity and no semi-trailers, incidental to the home occupation, shall be kept on the premises, except as allowed by conditional use.
      (10)   Customers may visit the site only during the hours of 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., and no more than six customers or clients may visit the site in any single day.
      (11)   Parking to serve a home occupation shall be provided off-street, and no such parking shall be permitted in a required setback, other than in a driveway. In no event shall yard areas be converted to off-street parking to serve a home occupation.
   (C)   Home occupations prohibited. Prohibited home occupations include, but are not limited to the following:
      (1)   Barber and beauty shops with more than one chair, and requiring any upgrade in electric service.
      (2)   Dispatch centers, where workers come to the site to be dispatched to other locations.
      (3)   Commercial stables, kennels, and animal boarding and care facilities.
      (4)   Assembly or repair of large appliances.
      (5)   Repair or assembly of vehicles or equipment with internal combustion engines, or any other work related to motor vehicles and their parts.
   (D)   Garage sales. Garage sales, also commonly called rummage or yard sales, are permitted as accessory uses provided they meet the following requirements:
      (1)   Each such sale shall be permitted by a approved garage sale application.
      (2)   Each property address and/or person shall be limited to no more than four such sales per year.
      (3)   Sales shall not last longer than three consecutive days.
      (4)   Sales are conducted on the owner's property. Multiple family sales are permitted if they are held on the property of one of the participants.
      (5)   Directional and advertising signs, not larger than nine square feet, shall be free standing; that is, they shall not be placed on traffic or official signs, utility poles or trees, and shall be removed promptly after completion of the sale.
(Ord. 2017-05-635, passed 5-2-17; Ord. 2017-12-669, passed 12-5-17)