§ 154.059 GRAFFITI.
   (A)   GRAFFITI means and includes any unauthorized inscription, word, figure or design or collection thereof, which is marked, etched, scratched, painted, drawn or printed on any structural component of any building structure or other facility, regardless of the nature of the material of that structural component.
   (B)   The existence of graffiti on buildings, or on structures, including but not limited to, fences or walls, located upon any property in the city is declared a nuisance.
   (C)   Whenever the city becomes aware of the existence of graffiti visible from the public right-of-way on any property, including structures or improvements within the city, the Police Department, upon such discovery, shall give or cause to be given, notice to the owner of the property or the properly owner’s agent, and/or any leasehold tenant, to take corrective action and remove the graffiti from the property within seven days from the date the notice is served.
   (D)   If the graffiti is not removed by the owner in the required time provided by the previous section in this article, then the city shall have the right to enter upon private property to the extent necessary to take corrective action. The city may then seek the cost of the graffiti removal from the property owner and/or leasehold tenant.
   (E)   Possession of spray paint and markers with intent to make graffiti is prohibited. No person shall carry an aerosol spray paint can or broad tipped indelible marker with the intent to make graffiti.
(Ord. 2011-12-384, passed 12-6-11; Am. Ord. 2016-08-592, passed 8-3-16)