(A)   The construction of the plumbing and gas lines of the owner desiring such permit shall conform to the requirements of the plumbing and gas codes required of citizens living within the corporate boundaries of the city and the city's planning area, as enacted and amended from time to time. Furthermore, such owner shall be required to have such inspections as required by such plumbing and gas codes.
   (B)   In the event an owner who desires to have city water does not comply with the terms and provisions of this section, then such owner shall be denied the right to hook on to such water system. Nothing contained herein, however, shall require the city to allow owners outside the corporate boundaries to hook on to its water system.
   (C)   All inspections must be ready when called for, and if an extra trip is necessary, there will be an additional minimum charge as set forth in § 155.01 for each additional trip. All inspections shall be called for well in advance as the City Inspector must plan his or her work in an efficient manner.
(Ord. 2014-11-484, passed 11-4-14)