§ 51.15 PURPOSE.
   This subchapter sets forth standards and requirements for users of water provided by the city and enable the Administrative Authority to comply with all applicable federal and state laws. The objectives of this subchapter are to:
   (A)   Provide for the protection and maintenance of a sufficient and manageable water supply and distribution system for human consumption, sanitation, and fire protection, and for the conduct of business, watering of lawns, plants, and shrubbery, and for other uses;
   (B)   Protect the public water system of the city from cross-connections in users’ private water systems that would allow the backflow of nonpotable sources to contaminate or pollute the supply of potable water in the municipal system; and
   (C)   Provide for penalties for violations of the regulations established herein.
(Ord. 2014-11-484, passed 11-4-14)