A.   Application: These subdivision regulations shall apply and govern the subdivision of all land within the area of jurisdiction. Where these subdivision regulations impose a greater restriction upon land improvement, development, or use, than is imposed or required by existing provisions of law, ordinance, contract or deed, these subdivision regulations shall control.
   B.   Approval Required: Until a tentative plat and a final plat of a subdivision shall have been approved and recorded in accordance with these subdivision regulations, no person proposing a subdivision within the area of jurisdiction shall subdivide or file a plat for record, or sell any part of said subdivision.
   C.   Zoning: All proposed subdivisions shall be designed to meet the requirements for the zoning district within which it is located. In the event that an amendment or variance from zoning requirements is requested, said action shall be initiated by the property owner or his authorized agent. The processing of the tentative plat shall not proceed until a complete application for such zoning amendments or variances required in relation to said tentative plat has been submitted. A final plat shall not be approved until such zoning amendments or variances have been approved.
   D.   Severability: If any provisions of these subdivision regulations be held invalid, such invalidity shall not affect other provisions that can be given effect without the invalid provision, and to this end the provisions of these subdivision regulations are declared to be severable.
   E.   Conflicting Provisions Repealed: All other ordinances, regulations, resolutions and parts thereof which conflict with the provisions of these subdivision regulations, to the extent of such conflict and no further are hereby repealed.
   F.   Amending The Regulations: The city council may, after receiving a recommendation from the commission and after holding a public hearing as required by law, amend these subdivision regulations. Amendments may be initiated pursuant to an application or by the commission on its own motion.
   G.   Effective Date: These subdivision regulations shall become effective thirty (30) days after adoption by city council and remain in full force thereafter. (Ord. 2005-01, 2-8-2005)