A.   Introduction: Ordinances, resolutions and other matters or subjects requiring action by the mayor and common council shall by introduced and sponsored by a member of the common council, except that the city attorney or the city clerk may present ordinances, resolutions and other matters or subjects to the mayor and common council, and any common council member may assume sponsorship thereof by moving that such ordinance, resolution, matter or subject be adopted.
   B.   Prior Approval: All ordinances, resolutions and contract documents shall, before presentation to the mayor and common council, have been reviewed as to form by the city attorney, and shall, when there are substantive matters of administration involved, be referred to the person who is charged with the administration of the matters. Such person shall have an opportunity to present objections, if any, prior to passage of the ordinance, resolution or acceptance of the contract.
   C.   Same Day Passage Prohibited: All ordinances except emergency ordinances shall have two (2) separate readings, but the first and the second reading shall never be made on the same day. The first reading may be by title only, but the second reading shall be in full, unless the mayor and common council, in possession of printed copies of said ordinance, shall unanimously allow reading by title only.
   D.   Requirement For An Ordinance: Each ordinance should have but one subject, the nature of which is clearly expressed in the title. Whenever possible, each ordinance shall be introduced as an amendment to this code or to an existing ordinance, and in such case, the title of the sections to be amended shall be included in the ordinance.
   E.   Effective Date Of Ordinances: No ordinance, resolution or franchise shall become operative until thirty (30) days after its passage by the mayor and common council and approval by the mayor, except measures necessary for the immediate preservation of the peace, health or safety of the city, but such an emergency measure shall not become immediately operative unless it states in a separate section the reason why it is necessary that it should become immediately operative, and unless it is approved by the affirmative vote of three-fourths (3/4) of all the members elected to the common council.
   F.   Signatures Required: Every ordinance passed by the mayor and common council shall, before it becomes effective, be signed by the mayor and attested by the city clerk.
   G.   Published Required: Only such orders, resolution, motions, regulations or proceedings of the mayor and common council shall be published as may be required by state statutes or expressly ordered by the mayor and common council.
   H.   Posting Required: Every ordinance imposing any penalty, fine, forfeiture or other punishment, shall, after passage, be posted by the city clerk in three (3) or more public places within the city of Tombstone and an affidavit of the person who posted the ordinances shall be filed in the office of the clerk as proof of posting. (Ord. 2004-7, 11-30-2004)