A subdivision tentative or final plat shall only be approved by the planning and zoning commission and city council if the proposed subdivision:
   A.   Is in accordance with applicable city zoning and subdivision regulations.
   B.   Is in general conformance with the comprehensive plan and other applicable adopted plans.
   C.   Is designed to be harmonious with the terrain and surrounding area with due regard shown for significant natural features such as trees or other significant vegetated areas, water recharge areas and washes, views, historical and archaeological sites and similar community assets.
   D.   Has adequate public access and minimizes traffic conflict on arterial and city collector streets.
   E.   Has subdivision streets that are coordinated with existing and planned streets and access is reserved for future development of nearby properties.
   F.   Has a demonstrated sufficient supply of potable water that does not result in an unreasonable depreciation of an existing water supply.
   G.   Would not create water pollution.
   H.   Has an adequate sewage disposal system.
   I.   Is designed to include reasonable methods to minimize water use.
   J.   Is designed to include adequate methods to control dust during construction and control accelerated runoff, off site erosion and to conserve water.
   K.   Has adequate fire protection.
   L.   Would not result in an unreasonable burden on the ability of city or other local governments or public service agencies to provide for streets, water, sewage, fire, police, hospital, solid waste, education, housing, recreation and other services.
   M.   Is designed to include safety factors to address flooding, poor drainage, steep slopes, rock formations or other features likely to be harmful to the public health, safety, convenience or general welfare.
   N.   Is designed with due regard for natural, historic and cultural resources.
   O.   Has screening or buffering from incompatible existing commercial or industrial uses bordering the subdivision.
   P.   Has provided adequate securities to ensure completion of subdivision on site and off site improvements.
   Q.   Is not subject to liens for delinquent taxes. (Ord. 2005-01, 2-8-2005)