5-1-6: DUTIES:
   A.   Maintain in a clean and orderly manner, adequate facilities for the safekeeping and the detention, incarceration and/or impounding of persons, animals and material objects coming under its jurisdiction.
   B.   In case of civil disasters or emergencies (fire, explosions, etc.), assist other city and/or governmental agencies by controlling traffic and crowds and protecting persons and property and in any other way requested and within its capabilities.
   C.   See section 5-2-2 of this title for licensing of pets.
   D.   The department will assign personnel to attend governmental meetings, when requested, to assist in maintaining order and to exercise arrest authority if necessary or requested.
   E.   Members of the department will conform to and abide by the rules and regulations prescribed by and under this chapter as well as those promulgated by the board of police commissioners. (1972 Code)