In all initial business license applications and/or annual renewals the applicant shall provide the following documents or affirmations:
   A.   Copy of Arizona transaction privilege tax certificate.
   B.   Copy of health department permit if applicable.
   C.   Copy of liquor license if applicable.
   D.   Copy of contractor's license if applicable.
   E.   Certificate of insurance ($1,000,000.00) with city of Tombstone listed as additional insured for businesses using boardwalks and public spaces for performances including walking tours.
   F.   Copy of document demonstrating legal control of the business premises for business addresses within the city of Tombstone.
   G.   Affirmation by signature that all state, county and local taxes are current or that repayment arrangements have been made with the appropriate agency.
   H.   All permits shall require affirmation by signature that failure to maintain the status of the above permits and conditions will result in revocation of the city business license. Reinstatement shall require approval of mayor and council.
   I.   A copy of the application shall be given to the marshal's office, planning, zoning or building official, fire chief, and public works director.
      1.   No business license shall be issued until the planning director determines that the business is operated in the proper zone, that there are no violations of the city's subdivision or zoning ordinance, and that any conditions of a zone change or conditional use permit have been met.
      2.   No license shall be issued until the fire chief and building official inspect the business, and any building or structure the business will occupy, for compliance with city ordinances. The license may be issued after the inspection if the fire chief and building official determine there is no immediate danger to life or property in the use of the building or operation of the business and there is full compliance with the historic district design guidelines.
      3.   No license shall be issued until after the marshal's office conducts a background investigation. After the investigation, the license shall be issued unless the marshal's office discovers:
         a.   An outstanding warrant for a felony or a misdemeanor involving moral turpitude.
         b.   A record or history of fraudulent or deceptive business practices by persons connected with the business.
         c.   A record or history of business practices that are dangerous to human life by persons connected with the business.
      4.   No business license shall be issued until the public works director certifies that the business has adequate backflow protection at the water service connection, to prevent such contaminants or pollutants which could backflow into the public water supply.
      5.   No business license shall be issued without proof provided by the applicant of a transaction privilege license issued by the Arizona department of revenue.
      6.   Any inspections required under this section shall be completed within fourteen (14) business days of the date and time marked on the application.
      7.   When any law requires a business to obtain a certificate from the health inspector, ADEQ, or other county, state or federal regulatory agency, the applicant shall obtain such regulatory approvals and/or certifications before the issuance of the business license and shall file a copy of the certificate(s) at the time of issuance of the business license.
      8.   If the business is located or intends to conduct business within the historic preservation district of Tombstone, the business shall receive certification from the historic preservation commission or the historic preservation inspector that the business complies with title 10, chapter 19 of this code. (Ord. 2013-03, 1-22-2013)