A.   Any application for designation or expansion of a historic preservation district or landmark shall be filed with the HPC on prescribed forms and shall include the following data:
      1.   Name and address of property owner(s) and assessor's parcel number(s) and address(es) of property(ies) being nominated;
      2.   Description of the proposed landmark or district, including special aesthetic, cultural, architectural, archaeological, or engineering interest or value of a historic nature, including information about the architecture, notable features, construction, and other information indicating the historical significance of the site or district;
      3.   Approximate date of construction of the property(ies) or time period of construction within the district;
      4.   Boundaries of the proposed landmark or district;
      5.   Current sketches, photographs, or drawings;
      6.   Statement of condition of any structures;
      7.   Explanation of any known threats to the improvement on the site;
      8.   Other information which may be requested by the community development department;
      9.   Signature(s) of owner(s) of nominated property(ies) for landmark designation. District designations may submit a petition pursuant to subsection B of this section.
   B.   If only one property is included in the proposed preservation district, that property owner must consent to inclusion in the preservation district. If more than one property owner is included in the proposed preservation district, consent of a majority of property owners of record within the boundaries of the proposed district, based on linear street frontage, must be submitted to the historic preservation commission before final inclusion of the district is accepted. Such support shall be ascertained by a survey by the commission of said property owners, or by written consent of fifty one percent (51%) of the property owners within the district, based on street frontage.
   C.   Any property owner may initiate an application for designation of his/her property or a structure or landscape feature as a historic preservation landmark by submitting a written request for such designation with the application and data required under subsection A of this section.
   D.   The historic preservation commission, the planning and zoning commission, or the city council may initiate an application as described herein.
   E.   Notice of a proposed designation shall be sent by first class mail to the owner(s) of each property proposed for designation, describing the property proposed and announcing a public hearing by the historic preservation commission to consider the designation. Notice shall also be published in a newspaper of general circulation at least fifteen (15) days prior to the date of the public hearing. Once the historic preservation commission has issued notice of a proposed designation, no building permits shall be issued by the building division for the subject structure or within the subject area until the historic preservation commission has made its decision.
   F.   A public hearing shall be held before the historic preservation commission, whereby the commission shall consider designating the boundaries of the proposed historic preservation district or identifying and designating the proposed historic landmark(s). The historic preservation commission shall give notice regarding the public hearing on the application in accordance with the requirements listed above.
   G.   The historic preservation commission shall review the application and the testimony presented in the public hearing and shall render a decision at the conclusion of, or within thirty (30) days after the public hearing in the form of a written recommendation to the city council and to the planning and zoning commission.
   H.   Upon receipt of the recommendation of the historic preservation commission, the planning and zoning commission shall conduct a public hearing at which the property owner, parties in interest and citizens shall have an opportunity to be heard. After such public hearing the planning and zoning commission shall make a report and recommendation to the city council.
   I.   Upon receipt of the recommendations from the historic preservation commission and the planning and zoning commission, the city council shall conduct the public hearing wherein it shall review the proposed application and recommendation of the planning and zoning commission and historic preservation commission and shall adopt the recommendations, modify the recommendations, deny the application, or remand the application to the planning and zoning commission or the historic preservation commission for further proceedings.
   J.   Designation of landmarks or historic preservation districts by the city council shall be shown on the official city of Tombstone zoning map. (Ord. 2015-01, 7-14-2015)