A.   The commission may recommend to the city council that an individual property be rezoned to the landmarks preservation overlay district if it meets one or more of the following criteria:
      1.   Possesses significant historical, architectural and/or aesthetic interest to the community; and is at least fifty (50) years old.
      2.   Exemplifies the cultural, political, economic or social history of the city of Tombstone, the Southwest region, the state of Arizona, and/or the United States.
      3.   Embodies distinguishing characteristics of an architectural type or specimen.
      4.   Serves as an identification with a person(s) who significantly contributed to the culture and development of the city of Tombstone, surrounding territories, or state of Arizona.
      5.   Serves as an identification as the work of an artist, architect, craftsperson, or master builder whose individual work has influenced the development and culture of the city of Tombstone, or otherwise stands as a significant or unique contribution to that cultural heritage.
      6.   Has been rehabilitated to preserve its architectural characteristics and has complied with the standards for rehabilitation, as outlined in the "secretary of the interior's standards for rehabilitation".
      7.   Has been rehabilitated in terms of its architectural and historic integrity thereby making it a more compatible building for the benefit of a historic preservation district.
      8.   Has undergone an addition(s), where the addition harmonizes and is compatible with the character of the original historic building and derives its character from that structure, and is otherwise subordinate in building area, scale, frontage, and height to the original structure.
      9.   Has been listed on the national register of historic places.
   B.   The commission may recommend to the city council that a group of properties be designated as a historic preservation district if it:
      1.   Contains several properties, a majority of which meet one or more of the criteria for designation of a landmark.
      2.   Constitutes a distinct section of the city by reason of possessing qualities associated with the designation of historic landmarks.
   C.   The commission may make such recommendations to the city council only upon completion of the procedures listed in the following sections. (Ord. 2015-01, 7-14-2015)