A.   There is hereby established the Historic Preservation Commission (HPC), which shall consist of seven (7) members, all of whom shall have a demonstrated interest, experience or knowledge in at least one of the following: history, architectural history, architecture, historic interiors, historic architecture, planning archaeology, historic archaeology, real estate, historic preservation or conservation, law, or another historic preservation or conservation related field. All HPC members must have a known and demonstrated interest, competence, or knowledge in historic preservation within the City and/or the County. The membership of the commission shall be appointed by the Mayor and approved by the Common Council, and shall include a member of the Common Council and six (6) members appointed at large. The Chairperson of the HPC shall be appointed by the Mayor and approved by the Common Council.
   B.   The terms of all members of the HPC shall be for three (3) years, and the terms shall be staggered so that two (2) seats are up for reappointment each year. The Council representative may serve a term which coincides with the Council term, and shall only vote when a tie has occurred. Vacancies on the commission shall be filled within ninety (90) days, by appointment by the Mayor and Common Council, upon recommendation from the Historic Preservation Commission. Any member may resign by submitting a letter of intent to the HPC that has been read into the official HPC minutes and forwarded to the Mayor. The City Council may terminate any HPC member upon cause after an appropriate hearing or upon the absence of over fifty percent (50%) of the scheduled HPC meetings within a calendar year. (Ord. 2015-01, 7-14-2015)