(A)   Every employee is empowered to help.
      (1)   Employees should resolve to fully listen to all concerns when approached with a question or issue. If the employee is unable to help, he or she should ensure that the appropriate person provides help. There is very little employees do that cannot be paused to take the time to help someone or steer them in the right direction.
      (2)   Employees should know their scope of authority and feel comfortable operating within it.
      (3)   Employees should be aware of the village organization; if an employee cannot help someone, she or he should know who can.
   (B)   In order to serve the public well, employees must be prepared to do so.
      (1)   Current information should be maintained on the phone system, internet, and in printed materials.
      (2)   Common questions should be anticipated and appropriate materials should be made readily available.
      (3)   It is the responsibility of every employee to understand their department’s procedures so that every customer can be assisted promptly.
(Ord. 17-O-06, passed 3-7-2017)