(A)   Whenever permitted or required to act under this chapter, the Village President may act through a designee. The President shall appoint any designee by a written order, which shall be signed and dated by the President, shall identify the powers given to the designee, and may identify a specific time frame during which the appointment will be effective. The President may appoint more than one designee with the power to act at the same time, but the same powers may not be given to more than one designee. The President may revoke the appointment of any designee by a signed and dated written order. An appointment may be revoked even if any time frame specified in the original appointment order has not yet expired.
   (B)   If the President lacks the physical or mental capacity to perform any act permitted or required by this chapter, any President pro tempore duly appointed by the Board may act on behalf of the President, but only if the President has not appointed a designee with authority to perform that act.
(Ord. 17-O-06, passed 3-7-2017)