(A)   The Board of Trustees must approve the following reimbursements for travel expense, including meals, transportation, and/or lodging, by a roll call vote at an open meeting of the Board of Trustees:
      (1)   Any expense of any officer or employee that exceeds the maximum permitted in § 32.05;
      (2)   Any expense of any member of the corporate authorities of the village;
      (3)   The cost of travel including the allowable automobile expense allowed by the IRS for business travel, rental car, airplane, rideshare, cab, private car, train, and/or bus. In the event that there is a choice of class, only coach or economy class or similar shall be approved. Any upgrades to the equivalent of first and/or business class may only be done at the additional expense of the traveler;
      (4)   The cost of lodging which shall be reasonable and customary for the location and time of the area where the traveler is staying; and
      (5)   The customary cost of conference fees, class fees, supplies, books, software, and computer materials for educational purposes is allowed.
   (B)   The Board President or her or his designee shall be authorized to approve such travel without preapproval of the Board, so long as the total cost of reimbursement is less than $1,000.
(Ord. 2017-O-03, passed 2-7-2017)